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For services to Public Transport and to the community in Northern Ireland. James Taylor Hamish McKAY. For solutions to Young People and to the area in Levenmouth, Fife. Bernard Thomas McCULLAGH, Staff Officer, Division of Farming, Setting as well as Rural Matters, Northern Ireland Executive. For solutions to the community in North Ireland. For solutions to Youngster as well as to the neighborhood in South East England.
Amongst Adams' last words were the utterance of Thomas Jefferson's name. Harrison Dax NASH, Charity Supervisor at Maranatha Treatment Children (UK Charity) as well as Programme Supervisor, Maranatha Streetworkers Count On, South Africa. For solutions to youths in South Africa. Thomas Kenneth TAYLOR. For services to Service as well as to the area in Northern Ireland. Alan Terence STUDD. For solutions to Youngster and to the area in West Yorkshire.
For solutions to Medical care as well as to the area in Northern Ireland. George Martin MACE. For services to Sport and to the neighborhood in Northern Ireland. William Alexander PARKER. For solutions to Coastal Administration. John PARMITER. For solutions to the area in Lea, Wiltshire. Susannah Virginia O'NEILL, Bus Driver as well as Safety Coordinator.
Gerard Liam POWER. For services to Volunteering, to Fundraising and also to the community in Northern Ireland. Barry John PHILLIPS. For solutions to Employment and also Equality in Northern Ireland. Dad Patrick Kevin MULLAN. For services to Inter-Church Collaboration and also to Neighborhood Relations in Northern Ireland. Alison Sally Glenn MULLAN, Security Personnel, Health And Wellness as well as Social Treatment Board, Belfast.
Anthony David Ernest BATESON, Volunteer and Trustee, Stroud Court Neighborhood Trust as well as Creator, Area Air Ambulance Count On. For services to Wellness charities as well as to Individuals with Autism. William John ARMSTRONG, Reserve Constable, Cops Service of Northern Ireland.
Agnes Mitchell JOHNSTONE, Head of Math, Oban Secondary School. For services to Scientific research, Technology, Design and Math (STEM) Education and the neighborhood in Oban. Dr. Jocelyn Oswald Dobbie JOHNSTON. For solutions to the neighborhood in Aldershot, Hampshire, and also Elstead, Surrey. Kevin Hugh JOHNS. For services to the community in Solihull, West Midlands.
Andrew Conrad ROWAN. For services to Music and also to the community in North Ireland. Alison REDDICK. For solutions to Individuals with Handicaps in North Ireland.
Jason HARRIS. My Travel Journal For services to Youngster and to the community in Christchurch, Dorset. Richard Frank ELAM, Supervisor, Evora Building And Construction. For services to Service and also to the neighborhood in York. Martha Rosalind Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD. For services to the area in Northern Ireland. Christopher John BEADLE. For solutions to the neighborhood in Old Basing and Basingstoke, Hampshire.
Geoffrey Alan HEGARTY. For services to Youth through the Scouting Motion in Northern Ireland. Christine HAYWOOD, Clinical Director, Willowbrook Hospice.
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